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Here is a shot from my first 5k.This proof that I did finish! I’m the guy running with a number on his shirt not the guy standing around watching people with numbers pinned to their shirts running.I’m looking off the left at the timer display. I thought I’d blown my goal but my official time was not what was on the display.Also, there is a little tab at the bottom of the number. I didn’t know it but that is supposed to stay on and you give it to the timer when you’re finished. The timer just yanked the entire number off my shirt and used that. Won’t make that mistake next month.

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  • You look like you survived it well.

  • Congrats Tim! What an accomplishment!

    I’ve thought about running in the past, and then again in the future, but haven’t yet been able to commit to the training regiment. Well done.


  • Hey bro, looking good!!!! I did notice that you’re not actually CROSSING the finish line, though.

  • Yea, odd thing that. I got to that point and just didn’t feel like running any more. Turned around and sat down at a picnic bench. Can’t think of what got in to me. :)

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