Podcast Test Run

Cruciform: A potential, future podcast.


This is a test run of a segment for the potential, future podcast Cruciform. The production value of this audio segment is not great; I didn’t record it to test that but to see if the content would be sufficient and if my voice is not too annoying.

Please comment on the content of this podcast. Did it hold your attention? Is something like this a podcast you would want to listen to? Aside from better recording, how can we improve?

My ultimate goal is to have a quarterly podcast on a specific theme. It would be a longer podcast with different segments covering that subject. First, I have to finish my ministry licensing paper, then I’ll consider Cruciform.

Thank you for listening and commenting.

Links to resources mentioned in this segment:


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  • Ed Ouellette liked this on Facebook.

  • Good touch. Be careful to carry your voice all the way through to the end of the sentence. A couple of times you trail off ….

    Curious: How long a time investment each week to think this is going to take?

  • Thanks for the feedback Marty. I’ll pay attention to that! As for the time commitment, I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to set aside a certain amount of hours each week to write and then to edit. That’s one reason I’m considering doing it quarterly or at the most monthly.

    If this gets going, I might have to hit you up for an interview some day. :)

  • I saved this link for later, but don’t see anything to click to listen to. Only links are the sources. I would totally listen to these as time allowed.

  • The player should show up right under the picture of the cross.

  • Thanks. I’ll have to check it out on the PC. Cant see it on phone

  • Part 1: Awesome!
    Part 2: Not a call, but a challenge!
    … Faith without the Spirit, leads to Death!

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