Please. Grow Up!

Super Bowl. Football. Food. Commercials. Fellowship. Ah, the great American past time.  I want to comment on the commercials for a moment. Some were offensive, some were funny, some were stupid. Then there was a moderate flap over the Tim Tebow/Focus on the Family spot. NOW was still rather bothered about it but not all feminists are on board with them. ’nuff about that.

Of all the commercials that I actually watched, the one that stood out was one for the Dodge Charger titled “Mans Last Stand” (a car I’d like as a mid-life crisis present, please). It shows a series of men with a voice over promising to do things like put the seat down, eating fruit for breakfast and putting underwear in the basket. (Men’s underwear was a theme this year, apparently.) After reciting a list of things he will do, the voice over ends with “And because I do this…” and cuts to the Charger racing around looking manly.

What bugged me is was how immature the whole premise is. Basically the message was “Be a good boy and you’ll get to play.” That’s it? Really? Why can’t we do at least some of those things because they’re the right thing to do? Why can’t we get a car because we want a car? A lot of the problems we face in American (and Western) culture comes from the fact that men don’t want to grow up and this kind of advertising really underscores that problem.

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