Piper Conference

My wife and I are off to the Desiring God national conference Sex and the Supremacy of Christ for the weekend. Seemed like an appropriate one to take my wife to. :)

It is interesting to note that it is not “the Supremacy of God”. This is related to 9/11. I heard Piper a few months ago explain that after 9/11 there was this mad rush to embrace Islam and so Christians (our current President included) were saying that we worship the same God. This is flatly not true as the Christian God is triune and Jesus Christ is God. This is not the case with any other religion. John wisely decided at that point to purposely use the name “Jesus Christ” as often as he could to delineate the True and Living God from all others.

I haven’t been to the conference yet and it has already shaped my thinking. I caught myself the other day looking at a beautiful woman while I was driving so it was a brief glance. The thought that replaced the image of her was “and loving and obeying Jesus Christ is better than looking at that.” Sexual attraction, as strong as it is, is not meant to last. In the resurrection we will not be married, we’ll be like the angels that way. Furthermore, and here is more Piper, sex is not necessary to be a fulfilled person. Jesus never married (contra the DaVinci Code rubbish) and he was without sin and so he never had sex. Yet, he was perfected humanity. Sex is great, man and women were created for each other and sexual union is blessed in marriage. But it isn’t everything. Some things are better.

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