Passion Thoughts

Oh yea, this wouldn’t really be a Christian blog if I didn’t say something about The Passion of the Christ.

Since it debuted Wednesday, I have had 5 conversations about it at work. Employees and customers alike. I have not seen it yet and i’m not sureI’m going to. Haven’t made up my mind yet. I don’t care for a lot of violence in movies. My church mailed out 100,000 invitations to four discussion groups on the movie, none being held at the church building. The thought is that it will raise more questions than it will answer.

Is it “the” gospel? No, I don’t think it is. There is too much left out of a movie for it to be “the” gospel. Who is Jesus in the flim? A good but misunderstood teacher? A misguided rebel? The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world? I don’t know that the film can answer that. So I don’t think the film is the gospel, but I think it is a chance to get the gospel out as you talk to people about it.

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