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I can’t paint or draw. I wish I could and I love it when my wife and daughters do, but I can’t. I took drafting for two years in high school and I think straightedge and ruler is about the extent of my capability in that direction. But I do admire art. A lot. I’ve visited the Getty in LA and the Art Museum here in Chicago and could have spent all day staring at some of the paintings. I have the same problem with poetry. Wish I could do it, love reading it well done, am pathetic on my own.

So I came across a link to an article by Joe Carter at First Things about Thomas Kinkade “Painter of Light™” and I stopped to read. Glad I did. There are many evangelicals who love Kinkade “Painter of Light™” and others who can’t stand his stuff. Here I must admit one of my weaknesses. Years ago I saw some of Kinkade’s “Painter of Light™” stuff and thought it was nice. I didn’t fell compelled to whip out the MasterCard and slap down the big bucks but I was positively disposed to it. I didn’t think too critically about it and it was “Christian” and popular. After I saw more and more of his work I rather soured on it. Just not my kind of work. I think I can be easily initially swayed but I’m glad I don’t give in too easily.

So that brings me to Joe Carter’s piece. At first I thought it would be a slam on Kinkade “Painter of Light™” but you really need to read it. Joe is amazingly fair and critical. I don’t want to give too much away but Kinkade “Painter of Light™” isn’t the hack he is sometime pictured as by his detractors. Joe also, I think, helps vindicate my initial reaction. I hope so anyway.

‘n Stuff

I came across this video last week and really appriciated it. I think classical music is wonderful and wish more people would slow down to listen. When I catch it, I always appriciate Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin on NPR because Bill doesn’t look down his nose, pronounce this piece beautiful and make you feel like a dope if you don’t get it. He walks you through what’s going on and explains what you’re hearing.

So anyway, here‘s the video. Take the time to watch all of it, you may find out that you like classical music too!

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