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I just downloaded this game for the TrÄ“o and it is pretty neat! The game overlays a shoot ’em up over a live image from your TrÄ“o’s camera. You have to move to aim. It tracks the real world pretty well but it works best if there is a lot of randomness in the image. I tried it in the restroom at work and the tracking was poor. When I first tried it I had my bookshelf as the background. Worked great there.

The Hebrew root of the word ‘Sabbath’ is shvt. In the verb form it often means to cease or cut off or rest. The root appears only five times in the book of Psalms; in 8:2, 46:9, 89:44, 119:119 and in the title of Psalm 92. Interestingly enough only once in each of the five books of the Psalms. In nearly every instance it is a cutting off of something bad. In 8:2 it is God’s foes. In 46:9 it is war. In 119:119 it is the wicked. The places that are not cutting off bad things is 89:44 where David is cut off and the title of 92 where it is explicitly the Sabbath day.

When I get my income tax refund I’m buying a desk. I’ve been using one of those little compressed wood “computer desk’s” for about 10 years (probably more) and the wood is finally coming apart. There is a big crack in the top right where the mouse goes. I’m getting a solid wood one this time.

Gordon Smith’s book Beginning Well has a very interesting premise. How a person is converted to Christ sets the tone for their spiritual life. A similar thought got kicked around at Mike Shea’s blog. I wish I had remembered Smith’s book when that topic was still hot. By the way, it is an interesting book. Worth a peek.

This whole US Attorney firing thing in Congress really has me miffed. Those attorneys work at the President’s pleasure. That means he can fire them for whatever reason he wants. So the Democrats who have spent the last 8 years (or however long it was) getting kicked to the Congregational curb by the Republicans are now investigating what was not a crime. That’s stupid. Then Alberto Gonzales gets hauled in to testify before Congress for not doing anything wrong and he apparently lied! Does no one in our government have a spine? Or a brain stem? I am fed up to the ear lobes with hearing about this.

Speaking of Congress, I am also really cheesed that they stuck a timetable for pulling out of Iraq in the budget. They don’t get to play Commander In Chief just because they want to and they did NOT get a “clear mandate” from the people by getting voted in. Americans were upset with the war but were also upset with the corruption that the Republicans were regularly found guilty of. I want us out and I (now) think we should have never gone in and I think Bush is not doing even a decent job in Iraq but putting a timetable on our withdrawal is stupid.

MagiCal is an excellent little Mac add on. I turned off the system date and time display in the Menu Bar and replaced it with MagiCal. It gives you a little calendar when you click it and has a cool little iCal kind of icon for the date.

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