Money for Money’s Sake

This is cool. I went looking for a bank today. I figured that I’d stop by a few and get information on their rates and pick the one that charges me the least. Turns out the first one I walked in to, the one closest to my house doesn’t have a minimum balance, doesn’t charge any fees, gives me a free ATM/Debit card and paid me $50 to open the account. So I’m not going to pay to write checks, use the ATM, speak to a teller, do on-line banking and they pay me $50 to join? Works for me. :) Not only that but everyone was so friendly.

Speaking of friendly, my postman is great. He gave me my mail when I had to hunt down a key to the cluster box, then he gets me a key and refunds the rekeying fee. My Thursday trash guy is really nice too and took some stuff the Tuesday trash guy wouldn’t take. I know that not everyone I’m going to meet is so nice but this is a great way to start life away from the Air Force.

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