Michael Card Visit

Michael Card is on campus this week. This is his first visit to Trinity, long overdue if you ask me. I listened to him speak at chapel yesterday and my family (minus the youngest) went to his concert last night. The man is amazing. He’s won many music awards, written a bunch of books (I bought two), built a log cabin, and has taught astronomy and physics! Shew.

Last night he told a story of his grandmother’s maid, her name was something like ‘Betty’. She was a woman who loved Jesus but her husband was an abusive drunk. Michael said that before Betty would buy a bed, she’d make sure she could fit under it. One night Betty’s husband Henry came home drunk and angry. Betty was under her bed praying. When Henry reached the top of the stairs he slipped and fell all the way back down. He lay there unconscious. Betty said “Do you know what my sweet Jesus did? My sweet Jesus pushed Henry down those stairs!” After that story, Michael confessed that he was terrified to speak in chapel because of the professors here. D. A. Carson was sitting a few chairs away from us and everyone turned and looked at him. He smiled pleasantly. Michael confessed that it was his friend Don Carson who had him the most worried. “Do you know what my sweet Jesus did?” Michael asked. “He gave Don Carson a stomach flu for the past two days!”

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