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I just got Matthew Smith’s latest CD “All I Owe” because I preordered it. It was signed and numbered. He only did the first 300 and I got number 13. :) Also got a great looking t-shirt.

But forget the signature and the t. The songs are great. Two have captured my heart early on. First, consider these closing lyrics from “The Lord Will Provide”:

When life sinks apace,
And death is in view.
This word of His grace
Shall comfort us through.
No fearing or doubting,
With Christ on our side.
We hope to die shouting,
‘The Lord will provide!’

Oh, it gets me all teary-eyed. The rest of the song is equally as wonderful. It is really hard to resist posting the entire lyric.

The other one that got me is “My Lord, I Did Not Choose You”. Obviously it is strongly Calvinisitic (aka ‘Biblical’) but that isn’t the only reason I love it. Here’s a sample

My heart knows none above you.
For your rich grace I thirst.
I know that if I love you,
You must have loved me first.

My Lord, I did not choose you
For that could never be.
My heart would still refuse you
Had you not chosen me.

But beyond the lyrics, Matthew has set these hymns to some beautiful music and he does a wonderful job singing them. One little aside, I like the title track better on his CD “Even When My Heart Is Breaking”. Then again, I prefer Derek Webb’s unplugged version of “I Want A Broken Heart” to the version on “I See Things Upside Down”.

At any rate, I do recommend the CD. We need the hymns back in our churches and Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace are one way that can happen.

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  • […] This is exciting! I preordered Matthew Smith’s new CD All I Owe and I don’t regret it. Matthew is the lead singer of Indelible Grace, a group who take hymns and set them to new tunes, mostly without changing the words. My soul is blessed often by listening to them. Matthew’s new CD is no exception. And to make it even better, he’s streaming the entire CD for free this month. If you’re not sure if you trust my taste in music, take a listen. My favorites are The Lord Will Provide and My Lord I Did Not Choose You. Listen to the CD a few times and then when you find you can’t get these great songs out of your head or your heart, go order the CD. You can also get it on iTunes. Cat:  […]

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