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Star Trek needs Capt. Jack Aubrey!

I took my son and saw Master and Commander again last night (second time for both of us, first time together). That is one I’m going to get on DVD. What a story!

Anyway, it made me realize what is wrong with Star Trek these days. I could never put my finger on what was missing from Voyager and Enterprise. Was it the requisite hot chick in the tight jump suit? Was it bad writing? Was it the lack of a compelling storyline? Yeah, it was all that but it was more. In M&C, there was a great story but there was also a touch of James T. Kirk, too. Jack Aubrey was a man of the sea. He knew his ship and crew and was a master seaman. The Surprise was out on its own with a mission to complete. Her captain was driven and committed. Her crew was dedicated to that mission and that man. That is what is missing from Star Trek since the end of DS9. I never got the idea that Janeway or Archer really are in control. They seldom use their skills and cunning to win the day. It seems they sort of blunder through each episode. That didn’t happen with Kirk or Picard. You felt that these men were in charge of their ships and their destinies. Sisko sort of got to that point with the Dominian War but Janeway… ah poor Janeway. She tried to be tough but you just expected her to bake a batch of cookies at any moment. And Archer? It is all new and unknown to him. He doesn’t even trust his ship fully.

I think the producers of Star Trek should have Archer serve under Aubrey for bit and learn from him. He needs to listen to Lucky Jack’s advice to Mr. Hollom about leadership. He needs to be inspired by Jack’s sassy defiance of the odds. That’s what Star Trek needs: Jack Aubrey!

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