Life and Death

This is kind of creepy so I thought I’d blog it. I was riding my bike to work the other day. I cut across an open field on the way, it isn’t deep desert or anything, its only about 20 yards from some houses. Ahead of me on the trail is a crow hoping around and making a lot of noise. No big deal, those flying rats are everywhere. When I get closer, this small coyote stands up and looks at me. I could have reached over and patted it on the head. Something didn’t look right about it. Not mean, but scared and…wrong. If it had been dangerous, the crow wouldn’t have been making so much noise. As I peddled past I figured that the coyote was dying and the crow was asking it to hurry up. Crows usually get road kill rabbit but this fresh coyote would be a treat, I’m sure. Here was life and death playing it self out in front of me. Just like “Lion King” its the great circle of life.

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