Jobs and Pods

Update: Pastor Dan was out of town Friday so no meeting. I did get the job description and it seems like things I would be good at. What scared me the other day was as I was daydreaming about the position I began planning what I would do. My heart stopped and I immediately prayed that I would do what Christ would want in His church. I hope I don’t fall into such foolishness again either with this ministry or any other.

I spoke with the window washing company and came away pretty discouraged. I turned down the “mini route”. When I spoke with the man at church who introduced me to it, he was very positive. He felt I could replace my current income with window washing only a few days a week. I just have to wait for the right route to open up. I was afraid I’d be putting them off by saying “no thanks” so often but Jonathan assured me that they understand. Cool. If I get hired as District Pastor, it is a part-time position so I will need a “mini route” to make up the diff.

No resurrection of the van at this point. However, some friends have stepped up and offered to loan us their vehicles so we don’t have to keep renting. That’ll help and it takes the time crunch off finding a car this week.

Income tax return has already come and went. Paid off a credit card and paid back some school loan money I’d tapped into. Oh well. My dreams of an iPod must remain only dreams.

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