Jesus & Moses

The first six verses of Hebrews 3 really caught my attention this morning. The comparison is between Moses and Jesus. It goes like this:

Moses – faithful (v 2)
Jesus – faithful (v 2)
Moses – Servant in house (v5)
Jesus – Son over house (v 6)
Moses – part of the house (v 3)
Jesus – builder of the house (v 3)
God – builder of everything (v 4)
Moses – worthy of honor (v 3)
Jesus – worthy of greater honor (v 3)

The phrase that really tweaked my attention though was “we are his house”. The implications of that are pretty significant. “We” is arguably referring to the church. That means that Moses was in the church, that he was a faithful servant (or minister) in the church and that Jesus was the head (or builder) of that church Moses served in just as he is the one we are part of today.

This says a great deal about continuity between the Old Covenant and the New. Can’t wait till Dr. Carson gets to Hebrews in class.

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