Ben came home with his 17″ monitor and so I decided to see if I could bring the Powerbook back to life. Popped the bottom off and disconnected the display. I plugged in the external monitor, mouse and keyboard and fired it. Yes! The Powerbook lives. So now I need to figure out what kind of a case mod to do to turn it into a desktop. I’m thinking of finding a huge book and sticking it in that. We’ll see. I’m not very creative but you never know.

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  • Tim,

    Congratulations. Way to salvage! I’ll do a bit of checking and if I can recall where I saw it (blog and web both), I saw a guy who had similar situation with old PowerBook, and made a modified case for the inner workings and made it into his own cool, slim-line desktop tower. If I come across it this week, I’ll send you the link.

  • Thanks Kevin. I’m afraid I may have spoken too quickly though. I did have some problems with the old PB later in the evening.

    I think the mod you’re referring to is one I commented on earlier:

  • Dude. I just got a Logitech dock for my Macbook pro, with a cheap 16:9 LCD monitor. Works great. LOVE it. So, that might be an alternative — not as cheap as sticking it in a book, but elegant.

  • Cartee, you’re a genius! I’m interested in doing the case mod but I lack the artistic skill. So the dock might be an option. I haven’t done anything to the Powerbook that would prevent it from going in a dock.

    Thanks man, I’ll keep this in mind.

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