I’m not a blogger

This weekend I was at the Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis and came to the realization that I am not a blogger. And odd thing to confess on a blog but let me explain. Reason why I’m not not a blogger: Mark Driscoll took the mickey out of bloggers in his talk. Something like “20 year old white male living in his parents basement, sleeping on Star Wars sheets with footy pajamas and when mom comes down stairs and brings him his bowl of Lucky Charms and askes if he’s going to look for a job today he says ‘I dunno, the alert level is orange today.'” That was really, really funny but it wasn’t that that made me realize that I’m not a blogger. What convinced me I’m not a blogger was something postive. They had a blogger get together between the sessions. It was hosted by Justin Taylor and Abraham Piper. Two individuals very much not fitting Driscoll’s picture of a blogger. I didn’t attend the blogger gathering. I overheard people mentioning blogs they read while moving aroud the conference and realzied that I’m just not a blogger.

So what the heck do I mean by blogging about not being a blogger? Well, I have a blog but that doesn’t make me a blogger.  I don’t update my blog daily. I don’t care that I don’t update daily. I remember a few weeks ago coming across a link from another blog to mine that said it was a good blog but that I hadn’t updated in a while. He was right, I don’t update a lot. I write when I have something to say. This is more of what should be called a “web journal” or “bournal” or something. With my Moleskine, I don’t write in there every day and with my blog I don’t update it every day. I think “blogger” has become something more than it once was. The most “sucessful” blogs have daily updates, big followings and a lot of comment activity. That isn’t me and frankly, I’m not interested in that kind of a blog. I don’t want to be Justin Taylor or Tim Challies. I enjoy reading their blogs but don’t want to duplicate their success.

So I’m just a guy with a blog, I’m not a blogger. Kind of remindes me of a cartoon I once linked to.

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  • “Moleskine” … the e at the end makes it sound more classy. Would you call yourself a Moleskine-er?

    Kristin and I will probably be coming to Chicago a few days before Thanksgiving! We have to get together. Maybe a big Chili’s outing?

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  • Sean I’m looking forward to hanging out with you when you get back!! Let me know when you’re going to be in town.

    I guess I missed a call from you a few weeks ago. Sorry about that, I didn’t know who it was so I didn’t call back. :) Feel free to call me again and I’ll save your number this time.

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