I think I figured out one reason why God has me working at Whole Foods Market: so I can gather sermon illustrations. The other day I was marveling at an “Earth mom” who had three children (probably born 9 months and 10 minutes apart), one in a stroller, one toddeling along and one strapped to her chest. She was in a “whole foods” store buying organic whatever. I didn’t hate her or anything, I was just pondering the idea of where we get our ideas of what is good and bad. A person such as her may believe that fertilizer on carrots is bad for you and that child-lead weaning is good (I have no idea if she did, we didn’t get to talk). It got me thinking of what Scripture says about these things, which is an entire other subject.

Later, this man came to the hot food counter and asked for a sandwich. His son, 6 or 7 years old I’d guess, was with him and kept jumping and leaning on the display. Dad told him repeatedly to stop. Finally he’d had enough and said “that’s it, you get a sad face.” Well, whatever that meant, it sent junior into a tizzy. He wanted something (I couldn’t make out the word) and now he wasn’t going to get it. After a moment or two of screaming “I want it” the kid was on his back on the floor kicking and screaming. Dad did nothing. In my mind I gave Dad a sad face but I don’t think he cared.

Dad got his sandwich and turned away while junior continued to screem. After a minute the kid ran to Mommy and whined about wanting “it” (me and the next guy I served were both willing to give the kid ‘it’ but I don’t think it was what the kid was asking for). Mommy picked him and and carried him. I’ll bet he got whatever he was after too.

I kept thinking of what a perfect example of human depravity this was. People who think children emerge innocent and sinless from the womb must be missing something, either that or I am. No one told that kid to act like that, he just did and it worked so he continued. I doubt that Dad trained him on the proper way to lay on the floor and the correct kicking method. Likewise, Dad didn’t train him that such is not appropriate behavior for a civilized person. But when it comes down to it, we’re all just like that little kid. We want ‘it’ and we’re highly outraged if we don’t get ‘it’ and now.

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