I changed while you weren’t looking…

Not that you’d notice though. Most of the changes are below the surface. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 today. It was mostly painless but I felt kind of uneasy deleting almost all of my website. Weird feeling deleting everything I’ve worked to bring together.

The changes aren’t really visible on this side of the curtain, but behind it there are some really cool updates. The majority of the work on WordPress 2.0, I’m told, isn’t even visible to me. It is all beneath the hood where I daren’t dabble.

There was a recent announcement that WordPress had struck a deal with Yahoo! which sent fear into my soul. Yahoo! has a way of dorking up just about everything they get their grubbies on. Fortunately, that isn’t the way it is working. Yahoo! won’t own WordPress, they want to be a first class *cough* *cough* blog hosting service and so they want to offer the good stuff. WordPress and Moveable Type (I guess they struck a deal with them too) are the good stuff.

So that’s my adventure in WordPress today! Enjoy. Not that you’d notice at all. Readers a always like that.

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  • Way cool. My web host only offers 1.5.2 at the moment, if I wish to have automatic install. However, I could do 2.0 by hand. Let me know how it’s going . . .

  • Looks like comment counting is off . . .

  • Look for Spam Karma under the following:


    Looks like Spam Karma is the culprit . . .

  • I deactivated Spam Karma. Will continue to explore.

  • next time you change, please close the curtain

  • Its cool. We’re all guys here and you weren’t looking anyway.

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