Eat, drink and be merry for in the fall we do Greek Review! I’m just not getting it. I can recite the facts and the endings and spew paradigm after paradigm but it all seems to be unconnected facts floating around my mind. Two days later I can’t tell you what a subjunctive is or does without looking it up. Nothing stays. Liquid verbs? What was that? Oh, there I found it in Chapter 20 which is now only a dim memory. Translations? Well, recognize the words and then remeber the verse from the English bible and make a guess. But parse the words? Not without the book.

It hit me today (since this is the last week of class) that I will be doing exegesis in the fall. That scared the daylights out of me. If I don’t have the basic idea of what’s going on now, what will happen to me in the fall? Throw that drowning man another cinder block!

The reassuring thing is that Einstein failed math in high school and my Calculus professor in college failed Intro to Calc three times before he was able to go on and get a PhD in it. I could never understand why someone didn’t just get math. You do this to the numbers and you get that! What could be simpler? How can you not get that? Well, now I’m going to have a whole bunch more sympathy on people who struggle with math in the future. I’m not getting the basic facts of language even though they should be obvious.

This is actually a great place to start seminary from; weakness. I’m at the end of myself and there is nothing left. Were I not a Christian and were I not sure that God had called me to this, I would be awash in despare. Instead I find that I am without my own resources and can only lean upon God. If He’s called me to this, then He’ll provide when I have nothing else and I will only be able to praise Him for it.

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