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So far I’ve been hovering around a B to B+ in Greek. The problems I’ve (largely) had have been attention to detail and some memory words that won’t stick. Today’s quiz was my low point. I got 74% and most of the problem came from memorization words and attention to detail. When I memorized the relative pronouns, I knew that they all had a rough breathing mark and an accent which differentiated them from the definite article. I failed to pay attention to what kind of accent though and marked them all as grave when a handful are circumflex. Got them all marked wrong.

The bummer is that when if comes to actually translating passages, I’m doing steller. It is the little things will get you. When I left class today, I was really bummed and figured I’d be taking Intro to Greek again this fall. I probably won’t but right now I’m pretty darn blue. I’ve been studying non-stop since school ended. Taking a break now for dinner and then back at it.

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