God’s Fingerprints

Before Newton, it was believed that it was God who moved cannon balls and held things to the ground. Then Newton discovered gravity. Too often, we religate God to the parts of science that we can’t explain and the problem is that that area keeps shrinking.

I think a better way to think about God’s work in creation is not in the “how” as it is in the subtle details. A long time ago I was introduced to the Chaos Theory. The idea is that in systems which appear to be chaotic, there is an underlying order. Take a look at the link and you’ll see what I mean.

When I got into upper level maths I was constantly amazed at how complex mathmatical equations could collapse into rather clear and orderly equations. I considered it to be finding God’s fingerprints on creation. He is a God of order, not chaos and so we see that expressed in his creation. I recently came across a video and some images that show more of this kind of thing.

First, the video. You might want to turn down the sound as this is a bit loud and pretty annoying, but you need to hear it to understand the video. It appears to be a black piece of plastic on top of a speaker. Rice is poured on the plastic and the tone is dial up slowly. The rice orders itself as the tone changes.

Second, the images. It is a simple photo study of smoke and a vortex. The order is beauitiful and subtle.

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