God *POOF*!

I watched a Dharma & Greg rerun last night. The plot was about a young man having sex for the first time with a girl who admittedly didn’t love him but didn’t want to go to collage a virgin. Rife with comic possibilities, huh?

Anyway, it reminded me of something Dr. Vanhoozer said in Theology I the other day. It was under the heading “The Disappearance of God.” He said that from the Middle Ages you could track the disappearance of God from art, culture and media. He said that the last one, media, was the most dangerous. The reason is that there isn’t anything to argue against since they don’t acutally affirm anything, they simply depict life as if God didn’t exist. People just watch life paraded past them in 30 minute segments from a world where God doesn’t exist. That was Dharma & Greg last night. There were no ethical implications to extra-marital sex, use a condom was the only caution mentioned.

At least Nietzsche understood that life without God was meaningless and went insane (could have been the syphilis too). This kind of world view is sad to me. The idea that that is “freedom” is so backwards, true freedom is serving Christ.

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