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My iMacOkay, so now I have a 20″ iMac G4 1.25GHz, Airport Extreme, 80GB hard drive, SuperDrive (CD-R/W, DVD-R/W). It is simply beautiful. The screen is large and clear and beautiful. One bad pixel out of nearly 2 million. Not bad. You can only see it when the screen is black. It isn’t noticable when there is color.

When Apple first introduced the iMac, remember the old ‘space egg’ ones, I wanted one. When they released the ‘snow globe’ G4s, I wanted one even more. The design is eligant and beautiful. And it runs Mac OS X so I don’t have to worry about spyware or viruses.

On top of that, I was finally able to get DSL. I had to switch my local phone service from AT&T to AT&T. Yea, I didn’t get it either. Old AT&T vs. SBC AT&T or something. Got the same deal and was then able to add DSL for only $12.50 per month. Sweet.

The set up of the DSL was a pain. I tried to do it with the install disk on my Powerbook and it would crash when it got to the point where it was going to configure the network connection. I tried it on the iMac and it got past that and when it tried to contact some websites, it reported that it was unable to get on the internet. Fine. I transfered the settings to the Airport base station and bam, I’m on the internet at real, usable speeds. I’m glad the installer didn’t work, I didn’t want the extra software they were going to install.

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  • try this

  • Tried it, it didn’t work. I tryed massaging the area the pixel is in. Didn’t help. I think it is just a stuck pixel.

    Thanks for the widget though. Love launching them and watching the wave effect in Quartz Extreme. Totally awesome.

  • Hello again Tim. I figured I might turn to this page eventually for assistance with a MAC, my daughter is considering buying one so I will be reading up your blog on the MAC here since I know nothing about them.

    Recently, I posted a video script on my blog site (link posted) and a MAC user asked me why he couldn’t see the video. He was using Safari and didn’t see or hear anything. If you find the time pls stop by my blog and tell me if you see or hear the current video playing…and if so, I wonder what the problem is with my inquirer’s MAC? It works with Firefox and MSIE….just curious.

    Good to see you’re still whiling away here. I will also check out your other blog as well.

    Good luck ~ John R.

  • Hey John (or Steve), long time no hear!! Good to hear from you again.

    The problem with that video is that is needs Microsoft Media Player to view. That doesn’t come preinstalled on a Mac (not MAC, Mac) like it does on Windows machines. It can be gotten here.

    By the way, I don’t have another blog. This is it. I’ve stopped updating the old versions.

  • Cool then. Be it theological or geekified, colour me there good buddy. I hope you are doing well and the family too. If you ever find yourself out in my neck of the woods, drop me an email and I’ll pass you my number. I’m still active musically but probably in a different band from when we last spoke.

  • Tim,

    Sorry to hear about any difficulties in using and setting up a Mac. Always makes it “look bad” to the PC users. But in all reality, our few snags are so minimal compared to the typical Windows user, that I’m surprised more don’t “convert” simply out of simplicities sake.

    As to the use of MS Media Player, I think, on the MS download page for MP, there is another link to a plug-in that should allow all Windows media types to be used by Quicktime: .wmv, .avi, etc. I’ve got it installed on all 5 of my current Macs. Did I just say 5? Yikes.

    Hi. My name is Kevin. And I’m a Mac User.

    Group: Hi Kevin.

  • Hi Kevin. John’s experience with the Mac wasn’t that bad. His daughter just needed to download some Microsoft stuff. I have that same plugin you mention but I think that would be the more complicated route.

    My problems setting up my DSL weren’t with the Mac, they were with the crummy software AT&T ships. Got it working in the end so its all good.

    Oh, and by the way, 5 Macs!! You need an intervention brother ! ;)

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