For Whom The TV Tolls

Back in 198x I came home from England on my first leave. Before leaving London, I had to stay in a hotel where I watched Agatha on TV to while away my hours till my flight. When I arrived in Detroit the next day I saw a commercial on channel 50 for the “World-wide Television Premier” of Agatha. I hadn’t realized how America views the world. It am us. Or US.

Well, it seems that the world has bought that line of thought. In Cambodia a “Fear Factor”-style TV program has been axed. Information Minister Lu Laysreng said, “It is a dirty game. It might be OK in America, but it is not proper for Cambodian culture.” Sure, fine. I hate Fear Factor anyway, but don’t blame us. In the mid-80s I watched a British program on Japanese television programming. They were doing Fear Factor kinds of things long before we got around to it.

It just strikes me as funny that an Asian country rejects a television program that “might be OK in America” which we copied from another Asian country!

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