What is up with the BBC? I’ve notice a PC bias there but in their story on the release of Panter, they make this snipe:

The company are touting the re-design of its interface, Expose, which lets users to see all the windows which are open at once, as “revolutionary”.

This isn’t exactly correct. Exposé does more than just let you see the windows, it makes it easier for you to navigate them if you have a lot open at once. What’s revolutionary about Exposé is that you can touch one button and have all of the windows you’re not using dim and shrink slightly. Hit another and the ones you are using does the same thing. Hit a third and you get the desktop. Not much about the other 149 changes in the article either.

I think they’re still mad because Steve Jobs didn’t pronounce “Jaguar” the way they do. That and the fact that it is harder to make an é on a PC (’cause notice that they didn’t) than it is on a Mac. :)

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