European Abortion Battle

In 1991 a woman in France went in for pre-natal care. Her doctor confused her for a woman who was in to have a contraceptive coil removed. He pierced her amniotic sac and therefore she had to have an abortion. The doctor was found guilty of unintentional homicide. It was overturned on appeals. The woman is appealing to the EU high court.

What I find most fascinating about the article is that the defense is chiefly worried about what the ruling means for abortion and birth control, not what it means for the woman or her unborn child. The French courts determined that the fetus is not a human being and therefore the doctor cannot be guilty of homicide. If that gets overturned, then a fetus is a human being and has a right to life. It is just amazing that the primary concern in the debate is not over the welfare of an unborn child.

It is even more fascinating that France is opposed to the death penalty. They claim that a person guilty of murder has a right to life but an unborn child does not. The guilty get to live and the innocent are killed. What kind of logic is that?

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