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I got a free MP3 copy of E. M. Bounds Power Through Prayer from SermonCloud. It is a high quality audio book, not like one I saw from a website once that had a computer reading the classics. That was irritating!! No, this is read by an eloquent human being.

Beyond the sound quality, this is a book I wish had been required reading in our initial homiletics class. Were I to teach that class, I would take most of the first day or so of class just reading selections. To assign it for reading might subject the book to the kind of hurried reading seminary students must do just to keep up. I’m only up to chapter 6 and so far Bounds had spoken at length about the preacher and the pastor and their need for prayer. It has been richly convicting. This would be one of those books that I would end up underlining every sentence. To me, this book should be part of every pastor’s regular reading schedule along with J. Oswald Sanders’ Spiritual Leadership. I know they will both become part of my regular reading schedule when I finish seminary.

You can read Bounds on line here at CCEL for free. It is available in many other formats as well. Sanders is not available for free. Both are worth the price you would pay to buy them bound and printed.

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  • can you give me the link for the free downlaod of Power through Prayer audio book by E M Bounds.

  • Sorry Uday, it was one of the monthly free downloads from ChristianAudio.com. That deal is over but you should keep an eye on that website. This month’s is David Brainard’s diary.

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