Does Theology Matter?

I’m currently teaching a Sunday school class titled Six Essential Christian Beliefs. I picked six so the class would fit into a thirteen week semester. In each class, we cover the doctrine at hand, then ask the "So what?" question and end the class with a hymn. I have found the "so what" portion of the class to be the most challenging and the most rewarding. My point in doing it is to show that theology matters, it applies to life.

This weekend I came across the video above and I think it really makes the point quite well. I understand it is from ER. A liberal chaplin tries to comfort a dying man and she has nothing to offer him but platitudes when he’s seeking real answers.

It is really surprising to find something like this coming out of Hollywood. I think it is some good writing with a solid message and some impressive acting. How did this get past the Hollywood Big Wigs? :)

[HT: Justin]

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  • Great clip, BTW.

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