Disappointed in Apple. Again.

So the MacWorld Keynote speach is done and over with. We got Intel-based Macs six months early which are faster than light. Big deal. We finally got FM on an iPod. So? We got widescreen DVD on iDVD. Humph. What we didn’t get (other than 24″ and 50″ plasma screens with Bluetooth and Airport) is the iAuto. It was supposed to be the first flying personal vehicle. It was going to cost $1,200 and run on dryer lint and clean the air as it travels and come with a built in iPod, espresso machine and liposuction unit.

Is that asking too much?

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  • You know what? I was disappointed when we didn’t have those in 2000. I’m about ready to give up on flying cars…

  • I was upset that Apple wasn’t throwing in a free Locutius of Borg poster.


  • Damn you Keyster… post something news

  • Okay, my Powerbook has been sunning itself in California while getting some cosmetic surgery. It had to go in for “hinge replacement surgery”. Just got back today.

    I will be posting more witty, insightful, thought-provoking stuff any day now.

    Thanks for prodding me off my keester Chris! :)

  • maybe you could read my wonderful bog to get some ideas. lol.

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