Dig Doug?

Though I have often thought that Doug Wilson too frequently engages in some snooty “not one of us” jibes in Credenda/Adgenda, I was pleased, very pleased to read some quotes of his in an article by Jamey Bennett over at Razormouth.

A lot of what Wilson and Bennett have to say goes in to why I decided to attend Trinity instead of WTS-CA. Part of it was a money issue but a lot had to do with being fed the party line. At Trinity, there are a lot of Reformed professors but there are dispensationalists and Arminians too. This is the exposure to evangelicalism I wanted. It is too easy for us Reformed folks to criticize evangelicals as a whole based on the folly of a few. We may say things about Arminians that just aren’t true. We may accuse dispensationalists of things they are not doing. Engage them and all of the sudden you find out that Arminians love God just as much as Calvinists do and that dispensationalists are honest with scriptures also.

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