Da (Loud, Drunken) Bulls

Me and the kids went to a Bulls game tonight. I got some free tickets from work. Good seats too! Bulls played the Toronto Raptors and won 75 to 73. It was a pretty subdued game over all.

Behind us sat a drunk, loud Bulls fan. Wouldn’t have been a proper game without one I guess. What was most unsettling about this gentleman was that it was fairly obvious that he was a Jock in school. Went to collage and was now (I’m guessing) some sort of a VP in a company where he makes inappropriate comments to the women he works with and flirts with those who don’t yet hate his guts. His son is in collage and the “old man” was rooting for him to be partying and chasing women. He bragged to his friends about a few of his conquests in collage.

In my mind I conceived of him as the perfect American hedonist. Drinks too much, probably drives drunk but hasn’t been busted yet. Loves sports and spends more time and money on it than he does on his wife. Has a speedboat he takes out on Lake Michigan during the summer. He’s not very bright (despite the collage education) but he does well at work because he is pushy and knows how to take credit for those who work for him.

I felt sorry for him. He thinks he got it all but the alcohol and the sex and sports are masking what is really going on in him. He’s sad and lonely. He knows that something isn’t right but he would never admit that to anyone, especially not himself. He’s convinced that he is happy but why does he need the booze? Why can he not be content to have his wife only? What is he looking for that he lacks? He doesn’t know and worse he doesn’t know that he lacks it. Religion? That’s for weak people and women, not him. Go to Mass on Easter and Christmas and that’s enough of that. Except when the kids get married. The prayers and the priest all dressed up, they just leave him cold. He remembers how boring Mass was when he was a kid and he’s not going back to that.

This was all in my head and I might be completely wrong about him. I hope I am.

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