Break Almost Broken

So what did I do during Spring Break? No trips to the beach, that’s for sure. I did taxes. Sounds bad but really it isn’t since I getting a nice bit back. The other great thing I got to do was breaks on the truck I’m borrowing. What made the job so long and hard was that we were hitting record lows at the time. One can handle frozen blocks of metal for only so long and still retain the use of one’s fingers, can’t one? A job that should have taken four or five hours took three days.

I had planned on doing some exegesis to get ready for this quad, finishing my PC 501 take-home final a week before it was due, and taking my family to Chicago to visit a museum or two. Those things didn’t happen. We did get to housesit for some friends and that was fun. I took the kids ice skating yesterday. They’ve been taking lessons and are really making me look bad. I tried to practice cross-overs and wound up falling and landing on my knee. It is brused and sore but I don’t think anything is damaged.

With these kinds of “big plans” for two weeks off of school, I just wonder what the summer break will bring!

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