Boycott the RIAA in March

Gizmodo is on to something here. The RIAA is trying to sue WiFi providers if people use their hotspots to download music illegally. This would have absolutely no effect on downloading music and would only serve to have free WiFi providers pull the plugs on their services for fear of being sued. It is a stupid money grab by the RIAA. So if I use a Ford to drive to my friend’s house to pick up a CD so I can take it home and copy it, will the RIAA go after Ford? Why not go after Dell because that’s the computer that was used to make the copy? Or Sony since they produce the blank CDs? It is stupid, just stupid.

What Gizmodo is proposing is not that we pirate music during March but that we stop buying music from RIAA labels. That would include the iTunes Music Store and any of the major record labels. Follow the link and join the protest.

Update: Changed the link to catch all of Gizmodo’s links instead of just their first one. Keep an eye on this one.

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  • you mean people still buy music? :) The vast majority of music I download I end up buying. It allows me to to try before I buy.

    I have subscriptions to PASTE and SPIN. I download some of the new artists they feature and as I result I have really broadened my music tastes.

    THE RIAA is fighting a losing battle so they attack anyone they can.


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