Bean in Chicago

Last weekend I got tired of hanging around the house and took the family down to Millennium Park in downtown Chicago before Ben and I start back at school. We had a great afternoon. Took the train so I didn’t have to drive and that’s always a good thing. So here are a few pictures:

Here we are reflected in the side of the bean, hamming it up:

Gillian really wants to see Wicked. We’ll have to work it out!!

Chicago is a great city. When I was on Manhattan, it felt crowded and intimidating. LA felt false and flippant. Chicago has a more hospitable  feeling. It is a really beautiful city. Sure the politics are corrupt but the city itself is cool.

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  • LA false and flippant? What-EVER!

  • And I picture someone flipping their bleached blond hair while their costume jewelery jangles and the face lift scars are momentarily visible in the head flick.

    Then the chewing gum pops begin again.

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