Bannerman! We need you!

This picture is a screen shot from I had just finished reading an interview with Al Mohler about his Calvinism and his recent time in an ICU with a life threatening complication. This picture was at the bottom of the page and was part of a list of features.

The young woman in the photo wore a customized t-shirt that contained an expletive which Time tastefully blocked with the red box. You can figure out which expletive it was. She’s a New Orleans Saints fan and the camera caught her during a playoff game with, obviously, da Eagles. Apparently, the camera lingered on her for a while before they cut away. A conservative watchdog group complained.

I just love Time’s sentiment. Perhaps the crazy guy with the wig and the “John 3:16” sign in the end zone wasn’t so bad after all, huh? :) By the way, the Mohler interview was great. Go read that. The article attached to this photo wasn’t that great.

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  • Man she’s kinda cute… I just recently got interested in Sports… I’m still not a huge fan, but I understand that there is a certain amount of pressure when watching… but I don’t think I’d ever wear a shirt like that.

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