Baby Steps

When I read Joe Thorn’s post it kind of clicked. A friend in California is in the best shape he’s ever been and he’s in his 40s. Another friend in Ohio is working to qualify for the Boston Marathon by the time she’s 50. Seminary killed my fitness as I spent time either sitting and reading or at work. Now my job in IT has me sitting all day and on top of that I have two hours of commuting on each end which largely involves sitting. Yes, I do get off the bus and walk a few blocks but it isn’t enough.

So today as soon as I got home I jumped into shorts and ran for 20 minutes. I didn’t go far or fast but I didn’t stop either. I just went. Yea, I’m stiff and sore in weird places, but I did stretch and I am going to try to turn this into a habit. I’ll have to establish some goals and find ways to keep me motivated, but I want to get back in shape.

I was planning on keeping this quit till I was sure I’d stick with it, but by saying it publicly maybe the shame and guilt will keep me motivated. :)

Here we go, running with baby steps.

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  • We would like to see before and after pictures.

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