Church this morning was…interesting. When we came in (yes, that means we were late) they were singing ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ and a bunch of other Americana songs. The guest speaker was one of the missionaries the church supports, a guy with Youth for Christ in Minnesota. His message was from Amos 4&5 and actually wasn’t that bad (compared to the singing, someone reading the ingredients from a box of Bisquick wouldn’t have been bad.) I think I would have handled the text differently but he still did pretty good.

After the service we headed off to the Sonshine Cafe (gag) for coffee and donuts. Donuts were 50¢ each. After we stood around and talked to the people we came with (no one came over to introduce themselves) we went off to Sunday School. This was a class on the book of Revelation. As as soft Amill sort of guy I knew that what was going to be taught was not my cup of tea but I’d decided to keep my yap shut any how. Good thing. The woman who taught the class (forget 1Ti 2:12 I guess) was a big Kay Arthur “Precept” person here. I was plesently surprized to find that she was at least post-trib, but she was making some pretty bold statements with very little scriptural back up. My friend who is pre-trib tried to nail her on some stuff but she was very confident. I find it hard to tollerate teachers who are not teachable.

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