Am I a Church Planter?

I got the feedback from my assessment today. Here is the summary:

  • The assessment team recognizes Tim as an elder caliber man who is more of a waterer than a planter.
  • The assessment team recommends that Tim pursue placement in an established ministry as either a solo pastor or associate.
  • The assessment team recommends that Tim develop his commitment to church planting by leading an established church to become a multiplying ministry.

So in the end I am not a church planter. Our district superintendent made the comparison between Apollos and Paul. Paul is most often found amongst unbelievers starting new things. Apollos is found amongst Christians feeding and watering. That illustration was helpful for me since I tended to feel guilty about not being more like Paul. It is okay to be Apollos. I am still very interested in church planting and a big advocate. They said that the role I seem to fit the best is not church planter but leading an established church to go become a church planting church. I couldn’t agree more!

This really rewrites my internship plans for this summer and totally retools my vision for what happens after I graduate. Can’t wait to see where the Lord leads next!

Added: I have been asked and yes, I am fine with this. I’d rather know this now than find out later. It is actually a bit of a relief because what I heard is that it is ok for me to be who I am and I can still have an effective ministry.

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