• Congratulations! I believe you did.

  • Hello again Tim. Glad to see you have attained this important step. Looking back, I can remember the joy of accomplishment.

    Went to see Foreigner, Styx and Def Leppard last weekend – great show. They were all fantastic, especially Styx. Go if you can see this one. When seeing DL, I immediately wanted to go and order a bowflex.

  • Thanks Bill and John. It has been a long road.

    John, David Lee Roth is touring with Van Hallen and they’re coming to Chicago. Wanna go? :)

  • Thanks be to God who has seen you through this time. I pray many blessings upon your internship. How long will your internship be, Tim? I did a one year internship through TEDS at a EFC just outside Des Moines (one semi-retired blogger still attends there: Doug from coffeeswirls.com; he was a slight terror in those days!).

    And what’s all this talk about music with rocks in it?

  • Actually Kevin, I’m half way through my internship! I’m doing two part timers and I’m just now starting on the second one. Interning at my current church Lakeland EFC. I wasn’t sure how the part-time thing was going to go but it has turned into a lively internship. :)

    As for the rocky music, John and I are friends from high school. He led me astray. I used to only listen to classical and jazz and he got me hooked on that new “rock or roll” music all the kids are listening to these days. Shameful.

  • Congratulations, Tim. I am proud of you, and grateful that God has preserved you to enjoy this happiness.

    My best to your wife, too. The wives of pastors (current or to-be) are the invisible heroines of Christ’s church. They sacrifice a lot for the benefit of the brethren, and are seldom acknowledged or encouraged in their work. Please tell your wife that we in the pews acknowledge her sacrifices, see the fruit of her ministry, and give thanks to God for her.

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