A Question Dear Readers (Both of You)

So I want to get published. I have a few books kicking around my brain and you folks are familiar with my writing. Very few people submit the very first thing they’ve ever written to a publishing company and get it published, having never had anything published before that. So I’ve decided to start on my writing resume by getting some magazine articles published. Right now I’m working on one for my denominational magazine, EFCA Today.

So what other magazines should I consider submitting material to? I’m a bit gunshy of journals, I think I lack the academic chops for JETS or something. Please use the comments to suggest other places I might be able to write for. Thanks in advance.

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  • I haven’t subscribe too long to your blog, so I’m sure “what” you are wanting to write. But, I would love to see more reformed authors in mainstream.

    Whatever mainstream Christian mags/journals are these days ( print and online ).

  • Thank you. I didn’t get too much response on this question so I’m just going to start where I am and work up from there. :)

    I really want to write with a Reformed world view for both Christian and non-Christian publications. We’ll see what Jesus has in mind for me!

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