A Parable

The HMS Pride
The HMS Pride sailed the Sea of Me when she received the call to put in to Submission Harbor. Her captain sailed her around the Life Islands but couldn’t find the entrance to the harbor.

During one circuit around the island, a storm arose. It drove the HMS Pride hard. Her captain fought mightily to maintain control of the ship. Mr. Humility, her First Mate, pointed the captain toward a harbor, sheltered from the raging storm. “I believe that may be Submission Harbor, Cap’n! But this ship’ll ne’er navigate those rocks.”

Her captain, seemingly unaware of the size of his bloated ship, dismissed his First Mate’s warning and managed to steer a course for the harbor. The storm continued to rage and soon HMS Pride struck the rocks at the mouth of the harbor and broke up. Mercifully her captain was thrown to the ocean and made his way to the rocks that stubbornly resisted the storm and there he clung.

In a mercifully short time, the First Mate came rowing by in the ship’s boat. As he approached his captain, he called to him, “Sir, I cannot row close to those rocks but you could swim to meet me and we’ll together make it safely to the harbor.”

“I barely made it to these rocks, Number One. I fear I don’t have the strength to make the swim,” the captain answered over the roar of the sea.

“Sir, you must lose your heavy garments. Cast off your rank insignia and your decorations from past victories and throw yourself into the arms of the sea. It will carry you safe to me!”

Of course the captain knew his mate was correct but it was hard to release all of his badges of honor. The rage of the storm sounded in his ears, it promised to not relent till he was safely ashore. It threatened and promised at the same time. With a bit of hesitance, the captain stripped off he coat and threw it into the crashing waves. He lingered a moment, clutching the stubborn rock and then with a mix of fear and relief, he jumped in to the trashing waves himself.

Mr. Humility pulled him safely into the boat. Once there, he knew that he was no longer the captain, that in submitting to another he was safe and free. As they entered the harbor, he felt finally free to enjoy the sea, the waves, the island. He was no longer compelled to make quick judgments, the pressure was off.

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