A Dogged Catfish

National Geographic, the fine folks who brought you the Lost Gospel of Judas, now present more evidence for evolution: a catfish that hunts on land! Yup, you heard it right, this catfish jumps out of water and attacks its prey on the ground then it flops back into the water to eat. I heard about it on NPR and they were saying that though this species isn’t old enough to be part of the evolutionary chain it may show how sea creatures transitioned to the land. What cracked me up was that they were saying that the first creatures to move from the sea to hunt gave them an evolutionary advantage. I just kept asking “hunt what?” I mean if they were the first creatures to move to land, what they were hunting?

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  • Oh, Tim, you ignoramus. This is simply a modern-day adaptation, once again proving evolution’s validity.

  • I hope ben the man was kidding; otherwise, Darwin was clearly wrong …

  • Yea, “Ben the Man” is “Ben my son” and he’s just being snarky!

  • Snarky?! LOLOL Tim, this is a great point, what was it planning to eat as the first land hopper? I never thought of that. You are a genius. Will you marry me? Then we can have snarky kids together.

  • Wow, I think I just asked me to marry me. That’s. Weird.

    Actually I think that last Tim was my wonderful wife using my computer. And yes, I will marry me. Er, you. Uh, us.

  • Yeah — I figured it was ben the son. Wait. Isn’t that “son” the “son”? How can that be? Isn’t that circular, as in first-land-hunting fish?

  • Re: Marriage of Tim and Tim. Can I be Best Waterboy?

  • You bet! Cartee is the Best Flower Burrier Boy.

  • um what is a flower “burrier”?

  • I was rushing. It is supposed to be one who buries. Play on the work flower boy and ring bearer.

    Ah, never mind. Any joke you have to explain…


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