5k x 2

Finished my second 5k this weekend. It was bitter cold, something like 20°. I stayed wrapped up most of the way around the course. I felt my pace was good and steady and I never really hit the hard part where I really need to press and want to quit. I usually get that during the second mile but this time it kind of felt like that to a lesser degree all the way around.  At the end I had a lot of gas left so the last 75 yards or so I sprinted. My overall time was 29:23, a new personal record. Duh, this is the second time I’ve run. But it was a significant improvement for me. Last time was 30:57 so I shaved about a minute and a half off my time. My pace for this race was about 9:30 and that’s more where I want it. Well, heading in the right direction anyway. I’ve been running 4 miles to train for this one. I’ll probably move that up to 4.5 this next week. I’m going to keep running as long as the weather will permit. I’m number 8 for the free gym membership at work so I hope that comes up sometime in the next month or so then I’ll do the treadmill throughout the hard part of winter.

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  • Congratulations Tim. Stay with it.

  • Great to see you hangin with it, man.

  • Thanks guys, I think I’m hooked. It is snowing and I’m already talking about getting back out tomorrow and doing 4 miles. I have become the person I used to make fun of.

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