Christianized Family Fun!

While we may lament that the Billy Graham iPod is not a reality, we are not without hope. My kids love Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) on the XBox. Personally, I’m all for it. They play video games and get exercise. What’s not to love?

Well, its all that darned secular music! I mean we’ve done all this work creating a cleaned up subculture mirroring the dominate culture, we need to put it to work. We need to clean that up so our children can safely hop up and down on a pad to the beat.

We evangelicals don’t like to work real hard at discernment, we’d rather pay someone else to do it for us. And so I present to you Dance Praise from Digital Praise.

The lyrics are “wholesome” though perhaps theologically vacuous. Maybe even wrong. Who knows? Who cares? We got a sanitized DDR and we’re happy about it!

So, come on, offer God your praise to up-tempo Christian pop music while jumping on a plastic pad connected to your computer!

But wait! There’s more! Digital Praise (“Glorifying God Through Interactive Media”) is giving a special offer to church youth groups and homeschool families. You can get two pads and have head-to-head worship-downs!

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  • Hey, not bad! Twice the sacrilege, twice the damning! (But is there a fourteenth circle of hell reserved for these people?)

  • Awe, it isn’t THAT bad, it is just silly.

  • Trivia item:

    One of our fellow students here at Trinity, Stirling (I don’t remember his last name at the moment) is former Dance Dance Revolution World Champion.

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