Promotion of Evolution

I’m stoked about the rover on Mars. Even more so by the possibility of a future manned trip there. But something is bugging me about it too. The purpose is to see if Mars could have once supported life. Okay. Fair enough. If life exists on other planets, I think it would be cool to see how He did it there. What is brushing my fur the wrong way is that I suspect scientists are doing this in hopes of proving evolution.

If you read Carl Sagan’s book Contact (or see the movie for that matter) what you find out is that Sagan believed that the existence of life on another planet would show that evolution was a law and not a theory. Furthermore it appears that Sagan believed this revelation would send many/most of the religious people in the world over the edge. They would not be able to deal with it. Whatever.

So back on Earth, we’re throwing out judges who refuse to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments* and suspending kids who say “God bless” at the end of a broadcast on a public school radio station (insert your favorite “separation of church and state” story here) while at the same time we’re spending billions to help scientists prove their religion of evolution? I’m not saying that we should scrap the Mars missions, but I’m not sure if we need to go there to find out if Mars once supported life as much as we should be going to see if Mars can be made to support human life now. That’s right, we’re talking terraforming baby!

* I don’t agree with Judge Moore, I think he took it too far and took matters into his own hands when he defied a court order. There was more than just the Ten Commandments written on it, there was a reference to natural law or something like that. Still, I don’t believe the monument needed to be removed.

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