The other day I commented on Microsoft’s threat to stop producing Office for OS X. I was pleasantly surprised by Apple’s “Fine, take your ball and go home” reply. Well it turns out that Apple had good reason for being a bit cocky. They’re teaming up with Sun to produce an OS X version of StarOffice. It is compatible with Office file formats and the kicker is that “Sun is also considering offering StarOffice for free, where Office v .X typically costs $300 to $500.” Ha!

I get the feeling that we’re seeing the beginning of the downfall of Microsoft. Not that they’re going to go out of business or anything but I think they’re going to start losing their grip on our PCs. They’re getting too greedy and may be getting out of touch with the market they feed. There are plenty of young-and-hungry’s out there who’ll grab any advantage they can.

The surest sign of their deflation would be if they have a WorldCom/Enron type of “oops, we seem to have been cooking the books for a few years” revelation. I’m not predicting it mind you, just saying that if you see the signs…

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