Random Thoughts.

Sun felt that they needed to clarify the whole issue of porting StarOffice to Mac OS X. They’re not doing it. Clear enough?

I’ve noticed that people here in the Chicagoland area (see, I’m talking like a local!) have this annoying habit at stop lights. No, not picking the nose, that is ubiquitous. They sit until they feel that the light should have changed then they inch up a couple of times. You’d expect that means that they’re ready to roll when the light turns but no. They’re just as slow on the launch as anyone else so I don’t inch with them and then use the gap to get rolling so when the finger emerges from the nose and the foot hits the pedal, I’m alredy moving.

I hate second aorist verbs and will be revisiting that chapter a few more times. First aorist are much better behaved.

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