SAN DIEGO, CA – Having completed all the tasks they set for him, Sea World is set to release Michael Phelps back into the ocean on Tuesday, August 14th. Phelps helped the United States once again dominate the Olympics in total medals won.

“Michael has performed exactly as we had trained him,” said Nancy Mebane, a Sea World spokesman. “Everyone at Sea World, his trainers especially, are proud of Michael and we’re going to miss him as he swims away to rejoin his pod.”

Phelps became the most decorated Olympian winning a total of 22 medals during his captivity. Phelps contributed to the United States winning the most medals in the 2012 Olympics, 104 total, beating the next country, China, by 16 medals.

“We’re glad to have had Michael on our team,” said Scott Blackman, CEO of the US Olympics Committee. “It is fortunate for us that it was a US flagged fishing vessel’s net that Michael got tangled in all those years ago. He adapted to captivity well and was excited to get the job done. He is ready to head home now for a well deserved retirement.”

Phelps will perform one last show before he is released. “Yeah, I’m looking forward to swimming with Bullet and Gracie one more time,” Phelps said, referring to two of the dolphins he has been training with at Sea World. “They gave me some messages for their families but really, they’re happy to be doing what they do. They love being able to help lift humanity’s spirits and hope to help them grow as a species.”

Phelps final Sea World appearance will be in the Tuesday afternoon “An Ocean of Magic” dolphin show in San Diego. Sea World staff are keeping the time and location of his release secret.

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