Well, here I am on Mac OS 10.2. It is really pretty slick. Mail has been updated with a spam filter. Since I seldom give out my .Mac e-mail address I don’t get much spam so hopefully I won’t get a chance to try that out. I do get iChat which is an AIM client. Haven’t have a chance to try it yet but I can’t wait. Other than that, the OS seems quicker. They changed the little whirrling color disc you get when the system is busy to one that looks pretty slick. You just don’t get to see it that often now. They did something with the Quartz graphic to make it take better advantage of you graphics card’s capability. This seems to have worked well because the display seems sharper to me. Maybe that is just Steve Jobs’ RDF (reality distortion field) at work on me. Whatever, I like it.

Next question, do I pay $50 for my .Mac subscription or just let it expire? Then I have to let everyone know my e-mail address has changed. Time or money, time or money.

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